Frequent Questions

What is Airbrush Tanning?
An airbrush tan tech will be applying your tanning solution to your skin. You do not stand in a booth where a machine sprays you.  The tan tech will get every nook and cranny making you feel confident that there will be no flaws in your tan.  You do not need to put on any barrier lotions or gels because of the technique used by the technician.  The application process was designed by the founders of the company to give the most flawless application. 

What to expect?
Arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early to change and prepare for your tan ( undress to your comfort level).  You will be standing in an a pop up style tent where the technician will walk you through a series of positions to give you the most natural looking tan. Your appointment will last anywhere from 20-30 minutes. 

What's next?
After receiving your airbrush tan do not work out, or get wet for at least 8 hours.  Your body needs to have time to absorb the DHA, if you get wet before that time frame you can expect imperfections in your airbrush tan. Your tan will last 5-7 days depending on your rate of exfoliation.  Perfect Glow is an amazing product you can purchase to help prolong the life of your tan.  Do not use lotions containing alcohol, lotions such as Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret will dry out your skin and cause your beautiful tan to crackle.   Book your next appointment to maintain your amazing tan!

How do I prepare for my tan?
Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! This will give your skin the best foundation for an airbrush tan and will make your tan last longer.  Do not shave or wax before your tan, wait at least 24 hours after a wax or shave to avoid any irritation or dark pores. Do not put on lotion before your tan, lotion will be a barrier and your skin will not absorb the solution as well.  Avoid putting on lotion the day you are receiving your airbrush. Make sure your skin is clean! Do not come to your appointment with make up on or sweaty after the gym.  Make sure to bring dark loose clothing to your appointment.

A lot of people are worried about undressing for their appointment.
The thought of receiving an airbrush can be intimidating but please feel comforted in knowing that this is 100% professional and I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable. My goal is to give you the best possible tan and I will be focusing on the flow of the solution, air pressure, and perfect lines.

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